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New City... [ I know] Who Dis [is]

I sometimes HATE living in LA. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY who would have thought I would now be a resident of LA? I never would have. But why would you move to LA you ask? For life experiences? For work? For family reasons? No, eh and no. It was for love of course and work too but mainly love. My then boyfriend, now fiancé is a native from NY as well. We met and fell in love in NY while working for the same company. Little did I know that while we were fraternizing, he was exploring his options within the company to relocate (insert some side eye funny meme on the gram). Long story short, (just to keep y’all reading) we made the long distance relationship work for a while until we got engaged. But back to why I hate living in LA. Here’s a brief synopsis of why I feel this way:

1. I have to drive EVERYWHERE. In NYC driving is a luxury. I feel like I’m taking advantage of my car.

2. Everything closes early! You ever start craving some chips or ice cream past 2am? In LA you either have to drive to a 7/11 or Ralph’s -_- … not in the city that never sleeps!!

3. No Stars- sometime I just want to look up at the stars not smog (sorry LA natives)

The list can go on for quite some time but LA has more Pros then Cons- it really is a beautiful city. I could just feel this way because I miss my family. But hey, I’d never tell them that! I am content with this love hate relationship I have going on with LA & hopefully after time it’ll develop into a love dislike relationship. Until then…


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